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In this section upcoming resources will be created to fill the void.  Nothing exists especially in light of how I view the world of birth.  As a consequence, I have needed to create these resources.  Each resource is a reflection of a teaching I learned along my personal journey to reclaim Tāpuhitanga and Tāpuhi.  Māori midwifery and Māori midwife, respectively.

Upcoming resources (paperback and ebook)

A series of books are currently underway to help my daughter with her hapū wānanga classes she shares with Māori and non-Māori in Brisbane, Australia.  It is a set of 5 books plus 1 colouring book for tamariki to enjoy.

  • Our First Mothers – Our connection with Te Ao Māori
  • Te Ūkaipō – the importance of breastfeeding
  • To sever the Iho with Pounamu or not? – Umbilical cord care in the first week of life
  • Whenuaīkura ki a Whenua – Placental care and the significance of burial
  • Iho – To bury the cord or not?
  • For Anaira, my artiste – A colouring book for tamariki

They will be offered as a box set for hapū wānanga. 

Please contact tokukotuku@gmail.com if interested.