Offering workshops in online format and in person are fundamental to understanding the philosophical foundations of Tāpuhitanga Māori birthing and the responsibilities to share learnings. 

Our whakapapa needs Māori in birthing environments, not just the family who is expected to sit in silence and let the ‘midwife do the job’.  No this is not that kind of acquiescence.  We need Māori to enter our professional workspaces. 

In the coming months of 2021 Creative cultural workshops will be offered, in two formats, online and in person wānanga.  (dependent on Covid 19 restrictions) 

Our First Mothers:  Our whakapapa. 

It will be offered two ways,

An interactive webinar exploring the whakapapa of Māori birthing.  Who they are and why they are.

A 2 day wānanga exploring through culturally creative content, the whakapapa of Māori birthing.  Who they are and why they are?

Māori birthing – Tāpuhi speaks

A webinar touching on the fundamentals of what is Tāpuhi?  What values do they uphold? Is it a game changer in the birthing world?

Decolonizing birth: Aotearoa

This will be a webinar examining decolonization and the impacts for Māori in the birthing space.  It attempts to look at the birthing culture of New Zealand for Māori midwives and the impacts of intimate impacts of colonization on Māori birthing whānau.